Blogger News Roundup: Twitter videos, Quora blogs, Kutcher as Jobs?

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Welcome to the Blogger News Roundup, in which we bring you our favorite tech news stories and social media tips of the week.

Mashable explained why Apple stock is tanking and gave an update on Twitter’s “more detailed, easier to embed” embeddable tweets. In other tweeting news, Twitter introduced Vine, a mobile video sharing service, and we got to know 10 types of tweeters. Which one are you?

In blogging news, Quora launched a blogging tool which “aborts its standard Q&A structure to provide users with something more open-ended.” Over in Facebook land (Faceland? Zuckerbergistan?), WolframAlpha introduced expanded personal analytics for Facebook, including “a new visualization that highlights friends based on the way that they fit into your network.” Meanwhile, Google is declaring war on the password and The Guardian offered its predictions in tech for 2013.

We loved this thank you note from First Lady Michelle Obama to the BlogHer community, but we’re not too sure about Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.

Our selection for blogging tip of the week is Jeff Bullas’s 10 Secrets of Professional Writers Every Blogger Should Know. We heartily agree with every point, especially writing the way you speak and killing adjectives. We also love parallelism.

Finally, you may have noticed our blog has undergone a change. That’s because Related for Content by Wordnik, the tool you’ve come to count on for or increasing traffic and engaging readers on your sites, is now Reverb for Publishers. Find out more from the announcement on our blog, our new site, and this great write-up from Anthony Ha at TechCrunch.

That’s it for this week!

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