The Reverb App for iPhone Is Here!

At Reverb we’ll all about connecting you with great content. With Reverb for Publishers, you get relevant posts for your blog and increased engagement with your readers. With the Reverb App for iPad, you get more news you want to read. Now with the Reverb App for iPhone, you’ll get that news even more easily, whether it’s over a cup a coffee, on your commute or as you unwind after dinner.

The Reverb app content is just as robust. You’ll still get breaking headlines, personalized news, and the stories your friends are sharing, all in one place and on the go.

So what does that look like? You get your news in three different views. First up, Top News:
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How to Break your Plugin Addiction

5145003933_860c674d50_nWordPress plugins can do wonders for enhancing the functionality of your blog. They can add incredible visual effects, social media integration and sharing, eCommerce, and other services that can help you gain traction and build readership.
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Top 10 Game-Changing Announcements at CES 2014

11827920323_8d99e20622_nWe here at Reverb are into game-changing technologies. After all, we brought you a completely new way to discover the news you want to read. So of course we’re into what new technologies and product prototypes were featured at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Building Your Blog for Web Performance Optimization

sprinterOut-of the box, WordPress performs fairly well. It’s only until you start driving more traffic to your blog or loading it up with features like plug-ins, fancy themes, or custom coding that it may start slowing down and under-performing.

Suddenly, your seemingly zippy WordPress blog may no longer be optimized for a good reader experience. At that point that you’ll need to do some performance optimization to ensure a good user experience.
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Holiday Gift Roundup: Best Gifts for Techies, Bloggers, and more

iphone-black-stone-2Welcome to our special holiday edition of the Blogger News Roundup, in which we aggregate our favorite gift roundups.

For the tech-savvy crowd, Laptop Mag shared their overall top ten best tech gifts of 2013. Mashable named ten great gifts for bloggers and new media moguls and Gizmodo showed us this neat stocking stuffer that any music lover would appreciate.

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Dealing with Controversy on Your Blog

locking-hornsBelieve it or not, one of the best things that you can do for the visibility and amplification of your blog content is to be controversial.

Controversy breeds discussion and discussion grows traffic. But while controversy can be an effective tactic for helping your blog gain awareness, it also can be difficult to manage and even a bit risky.
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Blogger Goal of the Month: Don’t Have Any Goals

goalsAs 2013 draws to a close, we’d normally task you with the goal of setting your goals for 2014. However, we’re going to go off the deep end and challenge you with this instead: don’t have any goals for next year.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying don’t do anything next year except binge-watch Breaking Bad. We’re saying don’t set goals in the traditional way. Try something different. Here are four tips to get your started.
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Developing an Online Persona

peacocksAs writers, we all envision becoming the next household name, or at least a recognized blogger within our community.

One of the nice things about writing a blog is that you can create your own unique voice and amplify it through promoting your posts on social media and other sharing services.

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Blogger News Roundup: Reverb App, Blogging Advice, and Bitcoin

Welcome to the Blogger News Roundup, in which we bring you our favorite tech stories and work and life tips of the week.

In case you missed it, the Reverb app is now available for free on the iPad! Reverb is a highly intelligent news reader designed to help you read more about what you like, and find interesting related content, too.
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